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Recent government announcements have had a significant impact on everyone in the past few months. With the growing numbers of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Hong Kong and overseas, I would like to offer online lessons via Skype as an alternative solution in the interim. However, I would like to stress the importance of having physical lessons as opposed to having online lessons; as these might not be beneficial for beginner students or younger students with correcting the posture, learning about tone production, dynamics, or accompaniment playing. If there are problems with the physical aspects of the instrument, such as tuning the instrument or having strings changed, it would be best to come in to get the instrument checked and fixed at a physical lesson.  

If students wish to take classes online instead, please refer to the list to prepare below, and contact me to arrange for lesson time. 

  1. A designated learning space. (Distraction-free from the rest of the household during the lesson.) 

  2. A fully charged, reliable device with a camera. (Encourage students to use a big screen such as iPad or tablet to see the teacher clearly.)  

  3. A Skype account – can sign up at  and add your teacher as a contact, or add your skype username (live:. cid.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  ) in your student information in the student portal. (Step by step instructions is attached in the email separately.) 

  4. A stand or place to set the device that can show the student's hands to the camera. (The student should be able to see both the teacher and their music, without the need to move around.)  

  5. Audio headphones used during the lesson, preferably only with one ear using the headphones so that the student can hear instructions from the teacher during the lesson. 

  6. Books and scores for use during the lesson. Bar numbers marked so that the student knows where to begin and stop.  

  7. A pencil to jot down instructions and markings. 

  8. A metronome to set a correct tempo. 

  9. A printer if there are notes or scores sent by the teacher to use during the lesson. 

  10. A backup plan in case there is device failures or poor internet connection: Video yourself playing the practices and sent separately for comments and feedback from the teacher.  


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