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There have been many rumors as to the new exam system ”Remotely Assessed Examinations” offered in UK from August to be offered to HK also, but today the updated news from their WEBSITE announced all August and September exams will be postponed to October and November this year.

The diploma exams have been announced to be put on hold this year and will not be taking entries earlier in May.

This ”Remotely Assessed Examinations” is taking a video of the THREE exam pieces + One more of your own choice in the similar level of difficulty (can be chosen from the current syllabus or old syllabus) without needing to do scales, sight-reading and aural tests.

I personally thinks it's harder to pass for some of the students to do the video recording rather than the supporting tests since the wind instrumentalists will have trouble or difficulty they need to perform longer without getting breaks in between.

The supporting tests are a fundamental element in learning to play music. It goes without saying; like to speak a language, but not learning how to spell a word, it just wouldn't work! So taking the supporting tests away from the exams is a major set-back in the music curriculum and for learners.


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